Eyes of the World

Border Collies



DOB : 06/06/2013     


Sire : Eyes of the World Hamunaptra

Dam : Eyes of the World Gentle Giny


Owner : Anja Dekegel

Coat : Chocolate- White



Healthresults :




CEA / CH : Normal by Parentage

TNS : Normal by Parentage

CL : Normal by Parentage


Gonioscopy : Tested clear























Eyes of the World Meant to be Mr.Macgyver




Aus Ch Tookurra Catch A Star


Multi Ch Waveney Caught In Time




Aus Ch Waveney Midnyt Impressn

Eyes Of The World Hamunaptra





Ch Beagold Red Baron


Eyes Of The World Bizzy Bessy




Eyes Of The World Yellow Rose









Tequila Sunrise Di Beren E Tinuviel


Eyes Of The World Eliot Ness




Eyes Of The World Baloubet

Eyes Of The World Gentle Giny





Multi Ch Beagold Stanalone


Eyes Of The World Yellow Rose




Multi Ch From Borders Home Black Maggy