Eyes of the World

Border Collies



DOB : 16/11/2015     


Sire : Uk.Sh Ch Jupavia Seventh Heaven

Dam : Eyes of the World Lambada


Owner : Eyes of the World


Coat : Black/white




Healthresults :


HD : B


CEA / CH : Normal by DNA

TNS : Normal by DNA

CL : Normal by DNA

MDR1 : Normal by DNA

IGS : Normal by DNA

Gonioscopy : Tested clear























Eyes of the World Oh Black Betty




Sh Ch Aus Ch Danari De Beers ShCM



Caristan Cartier




Sh Ch Sheltysham Chic Chandon Avec Caristan JW

Sh Ch Jupavia Seventh Heaven JW ShCM





Sh Ch Goytre Prince Of Dreams JW ShCM


Jupavia May Be Dreaming




Goytre Image Of Paradyse At Jupavia AW(S)









Multi Ch Waveney Caught In Time


Eyes Of The World Homer J




Eyes Of The World Bizzy Bessy

Eyes Of The World Lambada





Multi Ch Beagold Stanalone


Esp Prt Ch Bamba De Los Trastolillos




Esp Ch Eyes Of The World Dorado