Eyes of the World

Border Collies



DOB : 18/8/2013     


Sire : Bryining Bright Spark

Dam : Better than Words de Taraway


Owner : Eyes of the World


Coat : Black - White




Healthresults :




CEA / CH : Tested normal

TNS : Normal by Parentage

CL : Normal by Parentage

MDR1 : Tested normal


Gonioscopy : Tested clear























Kir Royal de Taraway




Pikkupaimenen Forget Me Not At Locheil


Locheil The Future's Bright At Bryning




Lethans Future Focus

Bryning Bright Spark





Locheil Time Moves On


Bryning Sparkle N Shine




Canen Spangle









Tequila Sunrise Di Beren E Tinuviel


Eyes Of The World Eliot Ness




Eyes Of The World Baloubet

Better Than Words De Taraway





Multi Ch Eyes Of The World Cheyenne


Ch Eyes Of The World Good Girl




Ch Eyes Of The World Alimcbeal