Beagold Kennels

I, Joyce Collis, established The Beagold Kennel in 1957, when I was breeding and exhibiting Beagles & Golden Retrievers. The name is a combination of putting together the first three letters of the name BEAgles and the first four letters of the name GOLDen thus the affix BEAGOLD. Over the years Kerry Blue Terrier, Griffons, Sussex Spaniels, Siberian Huskies, Bernese Mt Dogs, Bouvier Des Flandres, Smooth Collies were added to the kennels.

I, Felix Cosme, was born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York and served the US Navy for twenty years. I first got involved in the show world when I was based in Britain, and when I returned to the States I became a professional handler in German Shepherd Dogs. In 1976 I made my home in Britain and joined the Beagold Kennels. I started handling Bearded Collies and piloted several dogs to their titles and to Group Wins.

The Collis - Cosme partnership are proud to say that we have helped many kennels in both Bearded and Border Collies reach succes in establishing a recognizable winning type in the show ring and one with the ability to work stock and compete at high level in Agility, Obedience and Search and Rescue. Having owned and bred Champions in both breeds here in England and abroad.

We are both International Judges:

I Joyce Collis award Challenge Certificates in 11 Breeds and Judge both, the Working and Pastoral Group, I wrote the recent Border Collie Book " A Dog For All Reasons ", and it can only be obtained by contacting us. I also wrote "All about the Bearded Collie " and "The complete Bearded Collie " My CV on judging obtainable on request.

I Felix Cosme award Challenge Certificates in Bearded , Border Collies,Australian Shepherds, Rough Collies & Belgian Shepherds. I wrote the book "Junior Handling" I have organized several Junior Handling succesful and Junior Handling seminar abroad. My Judging CV obtainable on request